Reduced Maintenance

Without mechanical parts suchs as flush valves, urinal maintenance is greatly reduced. The EcoTrap® functions as a strainer, meaning vandals can no longer clog up urinals and over flow them. The known encrustations in waste lines on flushed urinals are a thing of the past. Without water, these hard encrustations can no longer occur. And best of all, should there ever be a plugged up drain (as things happen in plumbing!), one only needs to remove the EcoTrap® with the X-Traptor® tool and insert the drain snake simply through the urinal drain opening. The full 2″ interior drain line in our urinal allows for this simple action and is unique to Waterless product line.

Our NoFlush™urinals eliminate and/or minimize these common problems and additional costs:

Flush Valve Repairs

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Costly Flush Sensors
  • Stoppages and Overflows
  • High Demand On Septic Tanks
  • Line Encrustations
  • Leaking Flush Valves
  • Rest Room Shut Downs
  • Mitigation for Water Usage
  • Waste Line Cleanouts
  • Deodorizers
  • Blockage
  • Overuse of Water
  • Overflows
  • No winterization costs
  • Less water/sewer connection fees at new construction
  • Less pumping fees for septic tanks
  • Available rebates through your water districts
  • Reduced or No Vandalism

Unlike Any Other!


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