Simplicity works

While seemingly an unusual fixture, the simplicity of No-Flush™ urinals is what convinces.

Waterless No-Flush™ urinals resemble conventional fixtures, and easily replace them. They install to the regular urinal 2” (50MM) waste line (for 1 ½” (38MM) waste lines, use a reducer bushing). They eliminate flush water supply lines. Flush valves are completely eliminated as well. No handles to touch, no sensors to install or adjust, no moving parts at all!

The urinal bowl surfaces are smooth and urine repellent; urine is 95% liquid and its drainage is effected without flush water through gravity. Daily cleaning procedures are the same as for flushed urinals, yet save time per urinal.

The conventional water-filled urinal trap is replaced by a disposable EcoTrap® inserted in the urinal drain outlet of our urinals. It holds a layer of the proprietary immiscible BlueSeal® liquid, floating on top of a urine layer. The combination of our EcoTrap® and the covering BlueSeal® blocks out sewer gases and urine odors from the restroom. A 100 ml dose of BlueSeal® lasts up to 1500 uses, replacing from 4,000 and up to 18,000 gallons of quality potable flush water at each fill!!


Unlike Any Other!


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