Installation and Maintenance


Waterless No-Flush® urinals install like any conventional fixture. It is very easy. Each urinal comes of course with the necessary hardware plus two EcoTraps®. In most retrofit situations, you can use the existing flange from the conventional urinal to install the Waterless urinal. Saves time!

Approximate installation times are:

· Retrofit, simple change-out : 45 – 60 minutes

· Retrofit, lower rough-in : 90 -120 minutes*

· New Installation, with appropriate rough-in height: 15-25 minutes

Times are approximate and may vary according to present plumbing construction and materials.


Waterless No-Flush urinals:

Less maintenance – great benefits

Download Maintenance Pictogram
Maintaining waterless No-Flush urinals is very simple:On a daily basis the urinals are cleaned inside and outside with a wet, soft cloth. If very dirty spray them with EnviroClean, let it dry, don’t wash it off or wipe them.


Attention: Never flush urinals with water when EcoTrap is installed. Only use water – if at all – very economically.


After approx. 1500 uses:
Refill BlueSeal

One filling of BlueSeal (0,1 l) into the EcoTrap is sufficient for 1.500 uses. After that the barrier liquid BlueSeal has to be re-filled:

Place the portion-aid on top of the BleuSeal bottle and squeeze it gently to fill the portion-aid.

Slowly pour BleuSeal over the EcoTrap and let it flow into the holes of the EcoTrap. Do not add water!

Task time: 20 seconds

After approx. 7.500 uses:
Change of the EcoTrap

After approx. 7.500 uses the EcoTrap should be changed:

1. Hook the x-Traptor tool into the holes of the EcoTrap.

2. While slowly pulling up, wiggle tool side to side to loosen EcoTrap. Do not pull straight up!3. With EcoTrap still on x-Traptor tool, pour liquid contents of EcoTrap into the open drain hiole of urinal.4. Deposit EcoTrap in plastic bag. Disengage and remove x-Traptor tool. Seal plastic bag and discard in locally appropriate manner.
5. Loosen any soft sediment accumulation in drain hole with any long object or brush and flush with approx. 20 l of preferred hot water through the drain hole to flush sediments from aste line.6. Insert new EcoTrap into drain hole of urinal. Press EcoTrap gently down below drain hole rim. Fill EcoTrap with approx. 0,2 l of water and finally add 0,1 l of BlueSeal.

Task time: 2 to 3 minutes


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