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Tips for installing waterless urinals

Tips for Installing No-Water Urinal

No-water urinal systems can reduce maintenance costs and water consumption along with related energy costs to deliver water.  However, facility managers thinking about installing no-water urinals should first consider a few things.  Some due diligence is necessary to ensure they are successfully installed, especially an existing building.

For instance, most new buildings have approved ABS or PVC drain pipes or something similar, which work well with waterless urinals.

However, some older buildings may have pipes made of copper or copper alloy.  This is a softer material and prone to channeling (the line can come apart).

It is recommended to “scope” the drain line and determine if the lines are in good working order.  If not, best install approved drainage materials that work more effectively with both conventional and waterless urinals.

Additionally, investigate the following before installing waterless urinals:

• The system complies with all standards and building codes • The no-water urinal can be installed like a conventional flush urinal to the drain line without special adaptors, reducing installation costs • The no-water system has a full 2″ interior drain line to make cleaning and snaking the drain line easier, if necessary • The existing drain line has appropriate pitch and drain material. • Cleaning staff is properly trained on how to clean and maintain the urinals • Costs and lifespan comparisons of the trap (cartridge) installed at the base of the urinal are compared.

This last item is actually quite important.  Some managers have ‘sticker shock’ when they realize how much some of the cartridges cost and how quickly they must be replaced.

Fortunately, this is not true with all [waterless urinal] cartridges, some of which are relatively inexpensive and last for months before they must be replaced.

For more information on how to use water more efficiently, please contact brwaterless.

Written by Klaus Reichardt

Klaus Reichardt is a frequent speaker and author discussing water conservation issues. He is founder and CEO of Waterless Co. Inc, Vista, Calif. Reichardt founded the company in 1991 with the goal to establish a new market segment in the plumbing fixture industry with water conservation in mind. The company’s key product, the Waterless No-Flush urinal, works completely without water and was invented by Reichardt. He is also a member of U.S. Green Building Council since 1999 and the University of California Santa Barbara EcoEntrepreneur Advisory Board.

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The brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is there and available!

The brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is designed for private houses to tackle the water charges. The regulator recommended water charges of 2.44 € for 1,000 liter freshwater and 2.44 € of 1,000 liter of waste water. With a connection to the sewer a household will be paying 4.88 € per 1,000 liter on water charge.

The brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is not using any water at all. It can be installed anywhere in the house close to a waste pipe. Being used by the male occupants of the house it will save up to 10 liter per use.

The prize for the brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is 324.39 € ex VAT, ex delivery. It includes

  • Del Casa waterless urinal with 2 EcoTraps® and installation material and instructions
  • bottle of BlueSeal®, our patented barrier liquid
  • xTraptor tool to remove the EcoTrap®
  • coupling part for the easy installation
  • delivery to your address.

We are delighted to calculate for you the potential savings and the Return of Investment. Just let us know, how may male occupants are in your household (including potential visitors) and the size of your water cistern, which flushes the toilets in your house. And we do the rest.

The maintenance costs for our brwaterless Urinal Home Kit are extremely low and they add up to only 0.05 Cent per use.

All advantages in brief are:

  • Savings in water charges
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
  • Increasing hygiene (clean toilet seat!!)
  • No smell at all.

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