Hardware (Kit)

EcoTrap®, Insert for No-Flush Urinals

It’s what makes the urinals work in conjunction with BlueSeal® sealing liquid. The EcoTrap® fits all Waterless Co Inc. manufactured urinals, ceramic and High Performance Composite units. The EcoTrap® is recyclable, long lasting and very inexpensive when compared with other trap inserts/cartridges.

Price: 14.50€

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X-Traptor Tool

The simple tool to remove the EcoTrap® from the urinal. Made of stainless steel.

Price: 19.90€

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brwaterless Urinal House Kit

The brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is designed for private houses to tackle the water charges. The regulator recommended water charges of 2.44 € for 1,000 liter freshwater and 2.44 € of 1,000 liter of waste water. With a connection to the sewer a household will be paying 4.88 € per 1,000 liter on water charge.

The brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is not using any water at all. It can be installed anywhere in the house close to a waste pipe. Being used by the male occupants of the house it will save up to 10 liter per use.

The prize for the brwaterless Urinal Home Kit is 324.39 ex VAT, ex delivery. It includes

  • Del Casa waterless urinal with 2 EcoTraps® and installation material and instructions
  • bottle of BlueSeal®, our patented barrier liquid
  • xTraptor tool to remove the EcoTrap®
  • coupling part for the easy installation.

We are delighted to calculate for you the potential savings and the Return of Investment. Just let us know, how may male occupants are in your household (including potential visitors) and the size of your water cistern, which flushes the toilets in your house. And we do the rest.

The maintenance costs for our brwaterless Urinal Home Kit are extremely low and they add up to only 0.05 Cent per use.

All advantages in brief are:

  • Savings in water charges
  • Minimizing maintenance costs
  • Increasing hygiene (clean toilet seat!!)
  • No smell at all.

  All prices ex VAT and delivery.

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Price: 324.39€

Shipping: 20.00€

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